A Survivor!

When discussing Bunker Hill, it is common currency to assert there were no survivors. Shades of the SS Yongala. KLM 4805. The Benwood Mine. And you’d be right to assert so. Granted, should we consider the Hill’s boundaries Hill/Fifth/Figueroa/Sunset then yes, remarkable vintage structures do exist therewithin (e.g. Subway Terminal, the Edison Bldg, and CurlettContinue reading “A Survivor!”

I Talk to Frances Anderton November 7th

This Saturday at 3:00pm, Hennessey + Ingalls Art and Architecture Bookstore will host the esteemed Frances Anderton, and me, talking Bunker Hill. Frances Anderton, I don’t have to tell you, is the real deal. And author of Grand Illusion. Register for the event here.

We Make the LA Downtown News

You may read the article in its entirety by turning to page nine of this issue. One thing, though. I most assuredly did not say I hung around “Grand Central Library.”


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