The President of Bunker Hill

Happy Presidents’ Day! Yes, I know it’s really Washington’s Birthday (it irks me George is not celebrated specifically, he being my first cousin) but, I’ll accept it. After all, who morphed Washington’s Birthday into Presidents’ Day? The mighty Angeleno, that’s who: among those many things invented in Los Angeles, Presidents’ Day is among them, asContinue reading “The President of Bunker Hill”

A New Trove of Bunker Hill

So I’m on the Instagram, when there on the page of forgottenmadness_la, was this post. FMLA noted that the nifty image was part of a LIFE magazine feature titled “Ugly America,” shot by Walter Sanders. I flew immediately to the greater collection, archived at Google Arts & Culture, here. I am deeply indebted to FMLAContinue reading “A New Trove of Bunker Hill”

Bunker Noir TOUR!

There is, course, no better way to ring in the holiday season than with a three-hour tour, specifically, one focused on serial killers, bar brawls, gangster abductions, desecrated cemeteries, and other horrible happenings. Oh, and a subterranean race of Lizard Men. Two weeks from today—Saturday, December 17th—the good folk at Esotouric are hosting the BunkerContinue reading “Bunker Noir TOUR!”

Bunker Hill—Home of the Stars!

Quick, how many former residents of Bunker Hill have appeared on United States currency? I can hear you now yelling “ooo! ooo! DeWitt Clinton!” but sorry Horshack, no, and you’re way off. We’re talking about a woman, and on a coin. At which point you wise up and say “ahhhh, right—because I read this, IContinue reading “Bunker Hill—Home of the Stars!”

Where Can You Buy the Perfect Hallowe’en Gift?

First, one must establish what gift is best, in this spookiest of holiday seasons—the answer being a copy of Bunker Noir!, of course, replete as it is with horrible horrors, terrible terrors, and all manner of wacky weirdness. Now, you may purchase copies directly from me, and I have as well made them available viaContinue reading “Where Can You Buy the Perfect Hallowe’en Gift?”

A Haunted History of the Oviatt Penthouse!

UPDATE! Due to overwhelming demand, the ADSLA has added ANOTHER tour! Yes, tickets for a November 6th ‘encore tour’ are now available. Buy soon: we anticipate them to sell out rapidly! Click here! It is the Spooky Month! There’s certainly no dearth of spookified going-ons around town, but if I may make a suggestion:Continue reading “A Haunted History of the Oviatt Penthouse!”

A Serial Killer on Bunker Hill

There are many disparate, interconnected elements to the study of Old Bunker Hill. Component parts include the Hill’s architecture, and stories of its residents, and the famous tale of its slash-and-burn urban renewal. Then there’s crime. The true-crime genre often casts an eye on Bunker Hill—heck, there’s a website, and book, devoted solely to theContinue reading “A Serial Killer on Bunker Hill”