The Gift of Bunker Hill Makes for a Merry Christmas Time!

The gifting season is upon us! When you give unique and useful Christmas presents, you are remembered differently, because of the comfort they supply; they are as well every day reminders of your thought. So remember folks, for that historically-minded person on your list, Angeleno or no, they are sure to be pleased by theseContinue reading “The Gift of Bunker Hill Makes for a Merry Christmas Time!”

The White Log at Fifth and Flower

Bunker Noir! details the crime and vice that occurred on the Hill, as well as all manner of dark goings-on: fires, car wrecks, cryptids, train derailments…up to and including its oddball architecture, specifically the roadside vernacular to be had in the early-1930s olde-tymie log cabins built by Kenneth Bemis for his White Log Coffee ShopContinue reading “The White Log at Fifth and Flower”

Hill Street Tunnel, Single Bore

As you know, in 1906 the Los Angeles-Pacfic Railway petitioned the City to construct two single-bore tunnels; one ran up Hill from roughly First to Temple, the other from just above Temple to Sunset. They opened in September, 1909.  September 1913 saw the opening of a second bore on the southern part of the tunnel,Continue reading “Hill Street Tunnel, Single Bore”

We Need to Talk About Cooper Do-Nuts

This being Pride Month, there has been an uptick in journalistic chatter about the Cooper Do-Nut Riot (e.g., here/here/here). The story, in a nutshell: Cooper’s was a little doughnut spot nestled between two venerable gay bars, the Waldorf and Harold’s Café (at 527 and 555 South Main, respectively). Cooper’s was LGBTQ+ friendly, populated by queensContinue reading “We Need to Talk About Cooper Do-Nuts”

This Sunday—The Richfield

It’s not Bunker Hill, but it’s Bunker Hill adjacent. And I offer a 110% money-back guarantee* if you are not overwhelmingly thrilled and/or irritated at both the number of my slides and randomness of my asides. In short, the best time you will ever have. Click HERE for all pertinent info! *Guarantees will not beContinue reading “This Sunday—The Richfield”