A Survivor!

When discussing Bunker Hill, it is common currency to assert there were no survivors. Shades of the SS Yongala. KLM 4805. The Benwood Mine. And you’d be right to assert so. Granted, should we consider the Hill’s boundaries Hill/Fifth/Figueroa/Sunset then yes, remarkable vintage structures do exist therewithin (e.g. Subway Terminal, the Edison Bldg, and CurlettContinue reading “A Survivor!”

Both Books! Available Here!

Bunker Noir! 56 pages of full color historic horror-happenings on the Hill! Limited edition, so get yours today, because when they’re gone, they’re gone! They are priced at $28. Shipping and handling is another five bucks. Ergo, send me $33. And yes, of course I’ll inscribe it to you, or Mayor Shaw, or whomever youContinue reading “Both Books! Available Here!”

LA Magazine Names Us a Best Book!

2020 wasn’t all pandemics and aliens and murder hornets, y’know. There were some nifty books about Los Angeles printed, and the esteemed Chris Nichols, who knows more about LA than anyone, chose some he deemed The Best. Bunker Hill and Bunker Noir made the list. While of course I post that here as a matterContinue reading “LA Magazine Names Us a Best Book!”

BUNKER NOIR! Available Soon

Greetings, my friend. By now I trust you are familiar with the book Bunker Hill, Los Angeles. In all likelihood you even own said book (or by some chance you do not, a sorry state you must thus remedy immediately). When compiling my book, I was informed by the publisher that the Hill’s vaster quantity of vice and murderContinue reading “BUNKER NOIR! Available Soon”

We Made Chinese LA Magazine

I’m not sure if the review is a good one or not, but like they say, there’s no such thing as bad press…but more importantly: To have my name, along with those of Chandler and Fante, in a printed publication embedded amongst Chinese characters, is a blessing too meaningful to describe. (And that my bookContinue reading “We Made Chinese LA Magazine”