ONLINE LECTURE—Art Deco and Modern Bunker Hill

TOMORROW! Yes, tomorrow, Sunday 18 October at 3:00pm, an online virtual event, AKA an hour of slides of cool stuff you likely haven’t seen before, so come check it out: The Lost Legacy of Art Deco and Modern Architecture on Bunker Hill The architectural landscape of old Bunker Hill, before being bulldozed in the 1960sContinue reading “ONLINE LECTURE—Art Deco and Modern Bunker Hill”

BHLA in Los Angeles Magazine

Chris Nichols wrote a nice piece about us today in Los Angeles Magazine: …and we could not be more thrilled. Take a look at it here. What you’ll notice, too, are the images within the article. They are a representative sampling of shots you’ll find inside the book. Most you’ve never seen before; no-one has.Continue reading “BHLA in Los Angeles Magazine”

Greetings, Fellow Hill Enthusiast!

And welcome to the website for the book Bunker Hill, Los Angeles. Hardback, 176 pages, 200+ images, many in color, many never-before-seen. As I write this, the book is scheduled to be published in a week and change, on September 22nd. Just received my advance copy. I won’t be modest; the damn thing’s gorgeous. ItContinue reading “Greetings, Fellow Hill Enthusiast!”