Bunker Noir! Available Now!

Bunker Noir! 56 pages of full color historic horror-happenings on the Hill! Limited edition, so get yours today, because when they’re gone, they’re gone!

They are priced at $28. Shipping and handling is another five bucks. Ergo, send me $33. And yes, of course I’ll inscribe it to you, or Mayor Shaw, or whomever you like.

Dishy dames dig the deep dive into dementia and death!

Paypal is eckener@kingpix.com, as is my Venmo, or send me a good old-fashioned check to PO Box 412636, Los Angeles, Calif. 90041.

And of course don’t forget to purchase Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, equally obtainable from me, that one is $45 to the above addresses, which covers the book, shipping & handling, the whole business. Ask nicely and I may even pen Ozymandias or Sonnet 65 or something similarly suitable on the flyleaf!

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