Where Can You Buy the Perfect Hallowe’en Gift?

First, one must establish what gift is best, in this spookiest of holiday seasons—the answer being a copy of Bunker Noir!, of course, replete as it is with horrible horrors, terrible terrors, and all manner of wacky weirdness.

Now, you may purchase copies directly from me, and I have as well made them available via Amazon and eBay.

But what fun is that? I would suggest you take a trip down to Grand Central Market. Not only can you ride Angels Flight across the street, and chow at the market (I’m particularly fond of pupusas from Sarita’s, and recommend the work of Tacos Tumbras a Tomas), you can in fact pick up a Bunker Noir!…right there in the middle of the action!

Head on over to the information desk in the center of the market…
What’s that lurking???

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