Both Books! Available Here!

Bunker Noir! 56 pages of full color historic horror-happenings on the Hill! Limited edition, so get yours today, because when they’re gone, they’re gone!

They are priced at $28. Shipping and handling is another five bucks. Ergo, send me $33. And yes, of course I’ll inscribe it to you, or Mayor Shaw, or whomever you like.

Dishy dames dig the deep dive into dementia and death!

Paypal is, as is my Venmo, or send me a good old-fashioned check to PO Box 412636, Los Angeles, Calif. 90041.

Also available on eBay and Amazon, for your convenience.

And of course don’t forget to purchase Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, equally obtainable from me, that one is $45 to the above addresses, which covers the book, shipping & handling, the whole business. Ask nicely and I may even pen Ozymandias or Sonnet 65 or something similarly suitable on the flyleaf!

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