ONLINE LECTURE—Art Deco and Modern Bunker Hill


Yes, tomorrow, Sunday 18 October at 3:00pm, an online virtual event, AKA an hour of slides of cool stuff you likely haven’t seen before, so come check it out:

The Lost Legacy of Art Deco and Modern Architecture on Bunker Hill

The architectural landscape of old Bunker Hill, before being bulldozed in the 1960s and redeveloped, is often thought of as only filled with florid Queen Anne Victorian houses and sprawling clapboard Edwardian apartment buildings.  But it was much more than that—there existed Art Deco, Late Moderne, and Modern structures intermingled among the gingerbread, too.  In this presentation, developed specially for the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, historian Nathan Marsak will take you up onto pre-redevelopment Bunker Hill to investigate some of the demolished treasures built between 1925-1955 that once stood in Los Angeles’s first suburb. 

Get your tickets here:

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