The Gift of Bunker Hill Makes for a Merry Christmas Time!

The gifting season is upon us! When you give unique and useful Christmas presents, you are remembered differently, because of the comfort they supply; they are as well every day reminders of your thought.

So remember folks, for that historically-minded person on your list, Angeleno or no, they are sure to be pleased by these swell, practical books.

  1. Bunker Hill, Los Angeles: Essence of Sunshine and Noir. Available at all fine booksellers, though if ordered here, can be signed by the author and, on demand and with instruction, personalized to the recipient of your choice.
  2. Bunker Noir! The 56-page vintage-style pulp digest regarding all manner of historic horrors upon the Hill. May I suggest you purchase yours at venerable, beloved Vroman’s? Or, again, if ordered here, the signature offer applies similarly.

The Bunker Hill book is $40 postpaid; the Bunker Noir! magazine $28 postpaid. They are, as a package, $65 together. Quite the holiday savings! And—you read that right! —we’ll pick up the sales tax and the shipping! ‘Tis a Christmas miracle!

Bunker Hill, Los Angeles is a nifty gift under any tree sure to please even those of the most discerning taste

Don’t be caught without the ideal Christmas gift this season! Let your loved ones know you care for them in the deepest of ways.

God bless us, everyone!

There are few things that speak to the holidays quite like compendia of crime!

Paypal is, as is the Venmo, or post your cheque to Nathan Marsak, PO Box 412636, Los Angeles, Calif. 90041.

Fun fact: St. Nicholas is the patron saint of pawnbrokers, and there were pawnbrokers on Bunker Hill, so there you go. Oh, and the bones of St. Nicholas have, for the last 1675 years, continuously oozed an ailment-curing viscous liquid.
Blow-mold Santa is thrown into a nervous excitement by the chimneys pictured in Bunker Hill, Los Angeles

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