A New Movie!

Poking about the internet today, I found this new-to-me movie posted by the Office of Image Archaeology. It’s pretty neat! The uploading fellow said if you know any locations post ’em in the comments, which I commenced on to doing, but then, ended up here.

The film has some nice shots of Hollywood, and the Civic Center, but for our purposes I will (as you might imagine) stick to the Hill—

Looking north on South Bunker Hill Avenue; the back of the Alto (which fronted on Grand Avenue) at far right, and the house with the tower is the Brousseau at 238 SBHA
Looking north on SBHA, this is 251, AKA the Chester P. Dorland House.
Right to Left, the Stanley at Second and Flower; directly behind it, the garage at 123 South Fig; the Richmond Apts at 236 South Flower; the Viertel’s garage at 237 South Fig; and Third Street stretches into the distance on the far left (the Lux Theater at 827 West Third can be glimpsed behind the telephone pole).
The Dome at Second and Grand; for more about the Dome, grab your copy of Bunker Hill, Los Angeles and turn to page 107
The demolition of the Blackstone ↑ which looked like this ↓
The Blackstone (WJ Saunders, 1916), once at 244 South Olive Street. Huntington
It’s very cool we glimpse the Public Service Garage down on Hill Street—
—before it was remuddled into tenth-rate Pomo come the 1980s.
The 1925 Public Service Garage at 220 South Hill by architect Loy L. Smith, best known for the Cecil. LAPL
I love this shot of the two aged street signs atop the stop sign. They hadn’t been replaced by the famed 1946 “Shotgun Style” signs we know and love. Reminds me of this shot by Nadel:
…which was taken one block south. Note 251 (lurking behind the Alta Vista) of which you saw a shot a few screengrabs ago. Getty
Cars parked outside the Brousseau Mansion, which had been cut up into apartments. This is looking the other way from the first screengrab in this post (note the large bus in both shots). WHAT is painted on that panel van? Which doesn’t quite have the look of a panel van; I’m thinking it’s an early-40s or just-postwar funeral coach, specifically, what was known as a service car, and I’m unable to locate my copy of the McPherson book so I can’t check.
The George Stewart House at 237 SBHA; go to your copy of BHLA and turn to p. 92 to see when it was still covered in gingerbread.
The JP Miller house, 201 SBHA, which looked like this
A bit of 209 SBHA, just south of 201. Shots of 209 are really rather rare. It looked like this:
209 SBHA—grab your copy of BHLA and turn to p. 110, for a shot of its interior, and a short discussion about its importance to early gentrifiers; see pp. 43-44 for more discussion. Huntington
What’s now Grand Park, covered in cars, before the construction of the Civic Center Mall, which broke ground in August 1963. County Courthouse at left and Chandler in background.
Shot a bit later than the screengrab above. The Civic Center Mall in early stages of construction. Go to BHLA p. 166 for a before-and-after.
It’s not old footage of Bunker Hill without Angels Flight! Here we are at Third and Hill. Turn to BHLA pp. 74-75 for the night shot version of this.
Looking south down Olive from the station house on Third. There’s the Mutual Garage at Fourth and Olive; see an image of that on p. 45 of Bunker Noir! Also, as John Bengston points out, the area was captured on film.
Standing up at the station house looks very much the same today. (The “Hotel” signage in the background was atop the Hotel Clark. Speaking of the Clark, did you know that they have a website?! I know, that made me guffaw too.)

Of course, watch the entire YouTube upload for some vintage 1960s Hollywood…which I was tempted to explicate but will leave that for the Hollywood folk.

Until next time! NM

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