Both Books! Available Here!

Bunker Noir! 56 pages of full color historic horror-happenings on the Hill! Limited edition, so get yours today, because when they’re gone, they’re gone!

They are priced at $28. Shipping and handling is another five bucks. Ergo, send me $33. And yes, of course I’ll inscribe it to you, or Mayor Shaw, or whomever you like.

Dishy dames dig the deep dive into dementia and death!

Paypal is, as is my Venmo, or send me a good old-fashioned check to PO Box 412636, Los Angeles, Calif. 90041.

Also available on eBay and Amazon, for your convenience.

And of course don’t forget to purchase Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, equally obtainable from me, that one is $45 to the above addresses, which covers the book, shipping & handling, the whole business. Ask nicely and I may even pen Ozymandias or Sonnet 65 or something similarly suitable on the flyleaf!

LA Magazine Names Us a Best Book!

2020 wasn’t all pandemics and aliens and murder hornets, y’know. There were some nifty books about Los Angeles printed, and the esteemed Chris Nichols, who knows more about LA than anyone, chose some he deemed The Best. Bunker Hill and Bunker Noir made the list.

While of course I post that here as a matter of simple pride, I would like you to click the link — — and go check out all the other titles (note that Hollywood Park and Paul Williams were also produced by those titans of Los Angeles publishing, Angel City Press!) and add some to your reading list, because that should be your 2021. But also with murder hornets.

BUNKER NOIR! Available Soon

Greetings, my friend.

By now I trust you are familiar with the book Bunker Hill, Los Angeles. In all likelihood you even own said book (or by some chance you do not, a sorry state you must thus remedy immediately).

When compiling my book, I was informed by the publisher that the Hill’s vaster quantity of vice and murder and generalized noir, which I intended to dutifully include, was…too much

As such, I compiled those particular historical tidbits into a handy-dandy easily-digestible pulp magazine, in the style of the great lost pulp mags of yore, for your edification and delecation. 

Its name is Bunker Noir! and it’s a hoot. She’s a full-color, 56-page, 12×9” crime & weirdness extravaganza. Every inch of it Bunker Hill. We cover the Klansmen, serial killers, fatal bar brawls, and ancient lizard men that make the Hill special. 

They should in theory be all printed and ready for you by the end of next week, in my hands about the 18th, I’m told. Check back here for its printing progress and how to purchase. If you really want to keep on top of its publication, get sent a message when it’s hot off the presses! Do that by signing up here on Substack.

Limited edition, so don’t miss out!

We Made Chinese LA Magazine

I’m not sure if the review is a good one or not, but like they say, there’s no such thing as bad press…but more importantly:

To have my name, along with those of Chandler and Fante, in a printed publication embedded amongst Chinese characters, is a blessing too meaningful to describe. (And that my book was rightfully transformed into a 450-page, 6×12″ edition is an absolute joy.)

ONLINE LECTURE—Art Deco and Modern Bunker Hill


Yes, tomorrow, Sunday 18 October at 3:00pm, an online virtual event, AKA an hour of slides of cool stuff you likely haven’t seen before, so come check it out:

The Lost Legacy of Art Deco and Modern Architecture on Bunker Hill

The architectural landscape of old Bunker Hill, before being bulldozed in the 1960s and redeveloped, is often thought of as only filled with florid Queen Anne Victorian houses and sprawling clapboard Edwardian apartment buildings.  But it was much more than that—there existed Art Deco, Late Moderne, and Modern structures intermingled among the gingerbread, too.  In this presentation, developed specially for the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, historian Nathan Marsak will take you up onto pre-redevelopment Bunker Hill to investigate some of the demolished treasures built between 1925-1955 that once stood in Los Angeles’s first suburb. 

Get your tickets here: