BUNKER NOIR! Available Soon

Greetings, my friend.

By now I trust you are familiar with the book Bunker Hill, Los Angeles. In all likelihood you even own said book (or by some chance you do not, a sorry state you must thus remedy immediately).

When compiling my book, I was informed by the publisher that the Hill’s vaster quantity of vice and murder and generalized noir, which I intended to dutifully include, was…too much

As such, I compiled those particular historical tidbits into a handy-dandy easily-digestible pulp magazine, in the style of the great lost pulp mags of yore, for your edification and delecation. 

Its name is Bunker Noir! and it’s a hoot. She’s a full-color, 56-page, 12×9” crime & weirdness extravaganza. Every inch of it Bunker Hill. We cover the Klansmen, serial killers, fatal bar brawls, and ancient lizard men that make the Hill special. 

They should in theory be all printed and ready for you by the end of next week, in my hands about the 18th, I’m told. Check back here for its printing progress and how to purchase. If you really want to keep on top of its publication, get sent a message when it’s hot off the presses! Do that by signing up here on Substack.

Limited edition, so don’t miss out!

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