Zoom Presentation, Thursday!

If on your Thursday evenings you enjoy lengthy discourses replete with pretty pictures and ugly invective, you could do worse than to join me for the evening’s Powerpoint.

It’s fun! It’s free! Click here!

This is being presented by the San Fernando Valley Historical Society—who deserve your attention. Be it known, I love the Andrés Pico adobe so much if often makes me weep.

One thought on “Zoom Presentation, Thursday!

  1. In the late 40’s and into the 50’s and 60’s, my Dad ran a dry cleaning store on the North side of the Angel’s Flight plaza on Olive. It was called the Biltmore Cleaners. I practically grew up there and I have memories of getting nicklels from my Dad’s cash register with my little brothers and running down the treacherous steps leading to Hill Street and riding the orange and black cars back up to the top again. We got two nickels each which meant we got two rides if we didn’t ride down but took the stairs. We went from there to the library and the Philharmonic Auditorium for Broadway shows (we volunteered to be ushers there and got to see the shows for free). And in the 60’s my friends and I organized a picket line at Woolworth’s on Broadway, asking people not to patronize the store because they were supporting Whites-only lunch counters in the South. What fond memories!


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