High Praise!

There was a post recently on Facebook’s Historic Los Angeles page, which is a subset of the https://losangeleshistory.blogspot.com/ blog. (Strictly speaking, blogs, since the link leads you to the eight finest blogs on Los Angeles you’ll ever have the pleasure to read.) In any event, said post being:

The image of the Bradbury from p. 88 of Bunker Hill Los Angeles

I can’t help but blush a little and feel absolutely unworthy of such praise buuut…I’m still not so humble as to not share it here.

Conversely, my pal Tracy’s buddy Plissken casts an watchful, dubious eye on Bunker Noir!:

Yes, Plissken should have an eye patch

Plissken knows that Bunker Noir! is seamy, steamy stew of sex and violence and he furrows his brow in worry over the heinous horrors brought into his home. If he’s a good boy he’ll chew it to bits. Good boy!

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